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개최일시 : 2017 11월 24일 금요일 10:00 ~ 11:00
개최장소 : 제 2공학관 B731
세미나 제목 : Sentic Computing
발표초록 :
With the recent development of deep learning, research in AI has gained new vigor and prominence. Machine learning, however, suffers from three big issues, namely: 1. Dependency: it requires (a lot of) training data and is domain-dependent; 2. Consistency: different training or tweaking leads to different results; 3. Transparency: the reasoning process is uninterpretable (black-box algorithms). We address such issues in the context of natural language processing (NLP) through a multi-disciplinary approach, termed sentic computing, that aims to bridge the gap between statistical NLP and many other disciplines that are necessary for understanding human language, such as linguistics, commonsense reasoning, and affective computing. 
강연자 성함&직함 / 소속 : Erik Cambria, Assistant professor / Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
초청자 : 전기전자공학과 교수 테오벵진


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