Virtual Bass System (VBS) based on the psycho-acoustic phenomenon called “missing fundamental” is widely used
to extend the lower frequency limit of the small loudspeakers. The perceptual quality of the VBS is highly dependent
on the weighting strategy for the generated harmonics. There have been several weighting methods including loudness
matching, exponential attenuation and timbre matching. To precisely convey the weighting strategy, however, it is
essential to match the phases between the reproduced harmonics to the natural harmonics contained in the original
signal. In this paper, limitations of the previous harmonic weighting schemes are addressed and a new harmonic
weighting scheme is proposed. In the proposed weighting scheme, the slope of the attenuation weighting is
dynamically varied according to the frequency of the missing fundamental, and a phase matching between the original
and generated harmonics is performed prior to the harmonic weighting. Subjective tests show that the proposed method
provides more natural and effective bass sensation than the conventional schemes.