Digital Signal Processing

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Spectrum-aware neural vocoder based on self-supervised learning for speech enhancement
2024 Yanjue Song, Doyeon Kim, Hong-Goo Kang, Nilesh Madhu
A cross-talk robust multichannel VAD model for multiparty agent interactions trained using synthetic re-recordings
2024 Hyewon Han, Naveen Kumar
On the Disentanglement and Robustness of Self-Supervised Speech Representations
2024 Yanjue Song, Doyeon Kim, Nilesh Madhu, Hong-Goo Kang
Contextual Learning for Missing Speech Automatic Speech Recognition
2024 Yeona Hong, Miseul Kim, Woo-Jin Chung, Hong-Goo Kang
SC-ERM: Speaker-Centric Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition
2024 Juhwan Yoon, Seyun Um, Woo-Jin Chung, Hong-Goo Kang