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PDF-NET: Pitch-adaptive Dynamic Filter Network for Intra-gender Speaker Verification
2023 Zhenyu Piao, Hyungseob Lim, Miseul Kim, Hong-goo Kang
Consideration of Varying Training Lengths for Short-Duration Speaker Verification
2023 WooSeok Ko, Seyun Um, Zhenyu Piao, Hong-goo Kang
SC-CNN: Effective Speaker Conditioning Method for Zero-Shot Multi-Speaker Text-to-Speech Systems
2023 Hyungchan Yoon, Changhwan Kim, Seyun Um, Hyun-Wook Yoon, Hong-Goo Kang
BrainTalker: Low-Resource Brain-to-Speech Synthesis with Transfer Learning using Wav2Vec 2.0
2023 Miseul Kim, Zhenyu Piao, Jihyun Lee, Hong-Goo Kang
Facetron: A Multi-speaker Face-to-Speech Model based on Cross-Modal Latent Representations
2023 Seyun Um, Jihyun Kim, Jihyun Lee, Hong-Goo Kang