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제목 작성일
Two-Stage Refinement of Magnitude and Complex Spectra for Real-Time Speech Enhancement
2022 Jinyoung Lee, Hong-Goo Kang
Learning Audio-Text Agreement for Open-vocabulary Keyword Spotting
2022 Hyeon-Kyeong Shin, Hyewon Han, Doyeon Kim, Soo-Whan Chung, Hong-Goo Kang
FluentTTS: Text-dependent Fine-grained Style Control for Multi-style TTS
2022 Changhwan Kim, Se-yun Um, Hyungchan Yoon, Hong-goo Kang
Light-Weight Speaker Verification with Global Context Information
2022 Miseul Kim, Zhenyu Piao, Seyun Um, Ran Lee, Jaemin Joh, Seungshin Lee, Hong-Goo Kang
Length-Normalized Representation Learning for Speech Signals
2022 Kyungguen Byun, Se-yun Um, Hong-Goo Kang