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제목 작성일
Stacked U-Net with High-level Feature Transfer for Parameter Efficient Speech Enhancement
2021 Jinyoung Lee and Hong-Goo Kang
LiteTTS: A Decoder-free Light-weight Text-to-wave Synthesis Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
2021 Huu-Kim Nguyen, Kihyuk Jeong, Se-Yun Um, Min-Jae Hwang, Eunwoo Song, Hong-Goo Kang
Disentangled Representations for Arabic Dialect Identification based on Supervised Clustering with Triplet Loss
2021 Zainab Alhakeem, Yoohwan Kwon, Hong-Goo Kang
Self-supervised Complex Network for Machine Sound Anomaly Detection
2021 Miseul Kim, Minh-Tri Ho, Hong-Goo Kang
A Fast and Lightweight Text-To-Speech Model with Spectrum and Waveform Alignment Algorithms
2021 Kihyuk Jeong, Huu-Kim Nguyen, Hong-Goo Kang